Barclaycard Closing Contactless Mobile

That’s the link, promoting the service :person_shrugging:

but it leads to this . . .

I only use it through Google Pay, via Curve, anyway.

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Hopefully this means they’ll have Google Pay support in place within the next month or two.

Their Twitter account is saying its coming soon.

Their debit cards do now, so shouldn’t be far behind.

Recently acquired a Barclaycard Rewards card for travel and didn’t even check that it was Google Wallet enabled.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Yeah it’s one of my range of travel cards too.

Not that I travel outside of UK much :man_shrugging::rofl:

They seem to have removed the bit about it closing? :confused:

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Yeah, I get the page with no mention of closing. Maybe someone jumped the gun?

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Glad I screenshot it now so people don’t think I’m :exploding_head::crazy_face:


It would make sense to announce Google Pay at the same time, so maybe they decided to wait for that.

It’s back.

Added yesterday, allegedly.

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