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Aqua too, i need to fail to pay via heir Open Banking integration then it kicks me back to the app to pay by card

Which is annoying, because as we’re all aware I’m sure: Chase doesn’t have Open Banking integration !

Yeah, quite a few. YBS, Skipton, Charity Bank to name a few which fall off my head… even more building societies will do it but only in branch.

Edit - there’s a maintained list over on MSE Forum: Savings/investment DDs and debit card deposits- An updated list — MoneySavingExpert Forum

And that’s fine too, if you value whatever you’d lose at more than £15 a month then that makes sense.

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Thank you! Will check some of those out and see who’s offering the best rate/features! :blush:

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Do you miss out on days of interest whilst these card payments settle? I know YBS quote quite a few days for settlement

2 for YBS. Think it’s 10 for NS&I.

There are some options where funds are available immediately, Revolut is one - but they also tend to be the ones who take most umbrage at what they deem as excessive use.

Is someone going to factor in the lost interest?

Just a thought but given FP these days, is it possible to get interest for the same day from the bank you’re sending it from and the one you’re sending it to if you time it right? I know some banks used to close the books at 3pm whilst others did it at 5pm.

Oh goodness. Is it possible? Yes. Is it really worth the effort? Probably not.

Most banks hide that stuff away in their terms so you’d have to go digging for that stuff first until you find two that are compatible.

Hmmm. What we need is to be able to schedule FPs at particular times of day. Can’t see the banks offering that but I imagine it could be automated via their websites. Being able to double or maybe treble the interest rate would be nice :grin:

The very highest paying regular savers pay 8%, so lets use that figure; even though in reality you aren’t going to be able to get £1500 saved at once for that.

8% on £1500 is £120/year or 32p per day. Even if you go with the NS&I option, tuck your funds away for 10 days a month the cost of doing that every month vs saving in this imaginary 8% saver is £3.20. £15/month + 20 days at 32p per day is obviously a lot better than 30 days at 32p per day.

I wonder if that’s something Monzo’s integration with IFTTT would help with?

But then you’re really just limited to Monzo’s savings pot and whoever else can work in tandem with it to double dip.

But then it’s also Monzo. I’d half expect them to only add interest on whatever the balance is at 12AM GMT. Things would get interesting/easy in the summer. But during winter, it rules them out.

I do wish banks would integrate better with platform APIs so they can plug into shortcuts on iOS. The things I’d be able to do with that if banks would let me. :face_in_clouds:

Some years ago there was a forum which had a very long thread about this - and some people did do this.

From memory, it resulted in multiple account closures and/or lifetime bans from banks - as unsurprisingly banks consider it negatively


So good idea in principle, but asking for a lot of trouble if you did it.

Shame really as I was thinking that you could likely treble or quadruple the interest with the right combination of banks.