Cash ISA’s - are they worth it?

They’d not fold existing LISAs into ordinary ones. They’d lock the existing LISAs and stop new ones being opened. So, yet another tax anachronism complicating the tax system.

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They’ll only do it if they have something ‘better’* to announce anyway.

*may not actually be better

Very true. There was talk some years back of them merging ISAs and SIPPs. That sounded great until you realised that they were talking about dropping the tax rebate that SIPPs get and essentially converting the SIPPs into ISAs. So, short term freeing up your SIPP money but at the expense of losing the tax rebate going forward.

Ultimately that actually came out as the pension freedoms of 2015 which was indeed a great thing. In fact, if you’re over 55, a SIPP and an ISA are essentially the same other than the tax rebate that the SIPP gets.

They can do whatever they wish unless it’s irrational and therefore open to a (successful) judicial review. Rolling all the ISAs into a single limit would not be illegal or held to be irrational.

Capping ISAs at 100k, lifting the NI cap and equalising capital gains with income tax have all been floated at some point.

Getting the oldies out picking fruit and picking up rubbish would be my big plan :grin:

How’s about we train the youngsters as bricklayers, plumbers, electricians and carpenters then gather them in teams so they could build their own houses? Back to basics as that’s more or less how today’s building societies started way back.

No, but deducting 20-25% of someone’s account balance certainly would be.