Going cashless

I’m not telling you anything - you have clearly already made up your mind about a difficult and sensitive job that I did 40 years ago. I’m going to leave it at that.

I clearly have done no such thing and I’d like to know how you’d be able to deduce my grandparents had a Quality Street tin full of banknotes if their claim came across your desk 40 years ago.

You would know they held the cash if they declared it. You wouldn’t know definitely that they didn’t if it wasn’t declared, you’d be taking that on trust. I put it to you that some people, less honest than my departed grandparents of course, would conveniently forget about that Quality Street tin while filling the form in.

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r/politics standard of commentary there :joy:

I love David Mitchell’s articles. It’s comforting to see that there’s someone with whom I share my pedantry :slight_smile:

Just occurred to me that for those who regard cash as physically repulsive (ie grubby), these new notes are (as you know) all plasticky. That makes them eminently responsive to cleaning materials (Mr Muscle, Ajax, Jif (!) etc).

So that’s the cleanliness problem solved….:relieved:

(Please note, this method doesn’t apply to coins of the realm).

That’s @Topsy2 sorted :blush: