Going cashless

It’s not that I wouldn’t shop with cash only businesses, I simply couldn’t as I rarely have any cash on me. If I knew ahead of time that cash would be required and I could get some, fine. R-

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I never have any cash on me. One of the reasons I do not withdraw cash is I hate keeping the change in coins. And it has been long since I last made payment at this particular shop, my SO is the one who is still obsessed with cash so she always pays when there.
I only have a few £1 coins in the car for some supermarket trolleys and that’s it.
I one time went to a mall in the South East, the parking terminals were card only and via the app. I met an old couple very frustrated as they could not pay with cash and had no card on them. They were also not so into the idea of downloading the app just for parking.
I paid for their parking and waved goodbye to them.


They are, one local to me has a card machine and a cash machine. First he’ll impose some mandatory minimum for card, then if you don’t have cash he’ll point you to the cashpoint (charges 65p) if you don’t have your card on you, now it’s okay.

Needless to say, I don’t shop there.

Corporation tax. Any consumer business in small spaces, you’d be ill advised to not limit your liability via a company. I think they do way too much value too, to not want to reclaim VAT etc.

Absolutely. Literally scum of the earth, bet they open a new company yearly (same assets, no formal sales process etc) to get lower business rates too.

Me too. That and I don’t carry a wallet. I don’t want to be in a position where I can lose my physical cash, too. I’ve lost £20 before and I certainly haven’t found £20 elsewhere to make up for it.

I do agree though, car parks should have some form of ability to pay in person. I don’t think they should have to cater to cash users but I do think they should have to have a physical means of payment, whether it be tap-in tap-out where you type in your registration (or get a physical receipt to stick in your window) or if it’s a cash payment (preferably the former) etc

I don’t think we should be pandering to people who want to live in the 60s still, we’re nearly mid 2020s

Corporation tax would depend on whether it’s a sole trader or Ltd company.

Be careful with the pejorative e.g scum please

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Until fairly recently, almost every small business up here was cash only. Most take card now, and some are now card only.

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Guessing the infrastructure is catching up recently?

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I think access to it has become more accessible and cheaper. Demand and attitude has certainly shifted too.

In the last few months a couple of little businesses around here have stuck up signs indicating they’d prefer cash. One is a one off little pie shop, the other is a chippy. I’d recommend both.

The pie shop have always treated us very nicely, giving us freebies ‘to try’ and stuff giving us a large when we paid for regulars… I’m more amenable to giving him what he wants than the chippy (who treat us OK).

Edited to add - I also should probably get back to using neither and losing weight…


If it were a small business who just put up a little sign saying he’d prefer cash and I spoke to him and there was a decent reason for it, I’d probably be pretty amicable to it.

What I don’t get is why businesses don’t think about bank transfers? Instant settlement, cheap as cash with the right bank account.

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I suspect the real motivation is keeping stuff off the books, ergo tax evasion. But there is the usual bobbins about how ‘last month the bank charged us £xxx’ (no value of sales offered) and ‘please give us cash because the bank won’t get to charge us for that’ (no explanation of what happens with it then because if the cash were banked they would still be charged).

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This is traceable.

Because it won’t get banked.

I more so meant as a replacement for card machines, fees etc

Obviously - which raises the question - where is it going? Perhaps they pay themselves, their staff and suppliers in cash (and effectively burden them with the banking of it) - but surely a business intends to make a a profit.

I guess it’s feasible the cash could cover day to day costs. But yes, it’s most likely to enable tax evasion. My point is, they don’t mention this stuff on their ‘cash is king’ signage.

Majority of their suppliers are also just like them, cash. So on top of their daily expenses, paying staff and things like that, they add on suppliers.
I also know a landlord who only does cash, it won’t be surprising that such shops have landlords like that.

I have been caught out at a Sainsbury’s store.
I have no card or cash on me.
The ATM outside the store has a massive queue already.

Mastercard also affected, don’t know about Amex