Moving broadband + tv provider (advice please)

This is the key. They never give their best offer on the first call. When handing in notice it always gets passed on to a dedicated retainment team who will call back some days later with better offers.

Unfortunately I don’t have this option where I live, but hopefully will within 2.5 years (based on openreach build plans).

I don’t think Openreach support symmetrical connections on their FTTP connections.

Popping in my postcode, their current top package offered is 1.6gb down and 115mb up - so not much different than VM in that regard.

That’s a shame. But any FTTP will still be better than the non-VM options I have at the moment (all limited to about 70 down). I actually don’t mind VM but would be good to have more ammunition for haggling.

Another ‘own router’ win this morning.

Changed over today from OneStream to Sky Broadband. Sky equipment delivery is delayed due to ‘technical issues’ (I suspect a mistimed dispatch due to the BH weekend). Openreach done their bit in time so Onestream cut off this morning, and if I was dependent on ISP equipment I’d be stuck with hotspots until tomorrow…

…as it stands, no sooner had I got off the phone to sort the compensation with Sky out - I logged on to my own router, fiddled with a few settings (Sky use Option 61 rather than PPPoE, but no specific creds needed). Boom, back online.

Nice little speed bump too: