New Nationwide switching offer £200

Would an instant saver account count?

Yes, any savings account. You probably need £1 or more in it

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The redirection continues until no payment has been redirected in (I think) 13 months, there’s no longer any stated cut off other than that.


If you’ve switched a sole or joint current account to us and previously benefited from a Nationwide current account switch offer since 18 August 2021, you will not qualify for this offer.

I see three years with most banks, I have forgotten one bank mentioned 5 in their documents.

It turns out I do qualify as apparently I still have an old cash builder account with £1.92 in it.

I also have local government pension and salary sacrifice version.

I’m still not sure if I should switch as something is bound to go wrong.

Three years is the minimum redirection period. After three years, redirection will continue until 13 months have passed since the last payment was redirected.

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Darn. Oh well, £150 from the co-op will have to do me for now.

Still, it will give me more time to sort out the two DDs for the next switch.

I’ve seen payments redirect in front of my eyes in my line of work. In a way it’s probably better than relying on someone to manually update the details.


I’ve personally done multiple switches over the last 7 or so years and I’ve never once suffered a missed direct debit or a payment failure on either my salary or Government pension. That being said, as I mentioned in a previous post, I would still and I do, always inform both my employer and pension administrator of any change of bank details. For me, it’s just dotting the ‘i’s’ and crossing the ‘t’s’.

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I have done switches from 2020, it is only one employer who ever reached out asking me to confirm account details change, but even then, they had already sent the payment to new account.
At the moment all employers pay to an account I have no hopes of switching , ever.