Revolut expected to get Bank License in Weeks

Out of interest, what is this?

Not plotting to scam you, I promise! :joy:

You’re one of the few folks out there who might actually be as paranoid as me. When there are unique and creative ideas for moments of crisis, I’m eager to learn about them.

Just know I’ll be coming to find you in the event of an apocalypse. :joy:



Nothing fancy. I carry a burner phone which only my Wife has the number to. I recently had to swap out the SIM card as the former PAYG SIM had been compromised. She in turn has an unlisted number employer supplied work phone alongside her personal phone, so I can call that if I need to.

Believe it or not, I’m not at all paranoid, I’m just very careful. I make on average 3 or 4 personal calls a week on my own phone. I don’t need to make hundreds of calls every month or spend hours talking drivel to people I don’t like anyway :laughing:

As for email, I use Proton mail and it’s pretty good at dealing with spam.

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Some people get paid into one account with only one personal account set up as a payee. Anything else would be blocked by a card reader/biometrics to add additional security. I’ve heard of Nationwide or RBS customers doing this to limit damage to their salaried/savings linked account. Wise or barmy in your books?

Different people do different things. I have my work salary paid into one account and my pension paid into a completely different bank account to my salary. I do also of course have biometrics switched on for all of my accounts. My card controls are mostly locked down for the functions I have no daily use for.

My whole approach might seem totally over the top but it keeps me happy :+1:


Was genuinely interested in your take as a fellow Proton user!

I have most of my regular payees on all of my accounts for ease but wondered if it could be foolhardy

I definitely don’t have all of my regular payees set up on each of my accounts for ease. I have the minimum of payee’s possible. If I pay someone as a one off payment, I delete them after the payment has gone through.

Most of my payee’s are direct debit anyway, usual stuff, utilities, council tax, mortgage etc.

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Time to remove some payees from a back up account!