Sainsbury's Bank

Even if they don’t, Sainsbury’s themselves believe that is reasonable, so that’s the minimum I’ll walk away with.

I didn’t miss work but I did have to sit on a phone for the best part of 10 hours (closer towards the ten than the 5, I believe).

Chargeback hasn’t been contested as of yet. They have until 22nd October.

S75 is legally binding but with chargeback (this doesn’t apply) the bank has discretion whether or not to proceed . This therefore becomes a simple customer service complaint and being a third party, your parents’ stress is not likely deemed the the responsibility of Sainsburys Bank .

Strictly speaking the Ombudsman can reduce and increase the compensation as they see fit.

Huh? My stress definitely would be and my relationship strain with my mother as a result of their inadequacy should be.

Never once have I mentioned the stress of either parent.

Your parents haven’t signed a contract with them and it’s hardly their fault that you’ve transacted on behalf of a third party.

Good luck anyway.

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As an update: LoveHolidays rejected the chargeback due to it being out of time.

Sainsbury’s actually told me that emailing them with a demand for a refund would renew the time, but have now informed me that it’s not the case (I’m not even surprised anymore). They’re unable to challenge LoveHoliday’s further as MC scheme won’t cover it.

FoS has yet to review or even pick up the case, so for now I will be paying the balance to avoid negative credit markers, but I will be aiming to get the money from Sainsbury’s on the grounds that their customer service is trash and directly caused this to be a de facto rejection.

Now that I mention it, I need to update the FoS case, to include this new information.

The only other option should this fail would be to take Sainsbury’s or LoveHolidays to Small Claims Court.

Sainsbury’s bank Nectar credit card finally gets Apple pay support. Lack of Apple pay support was a huge turn off for me.


Thank the lord because this was very needed