1 Year Fixed Rate Saver - 1% - Aldermore (Gone!)

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Saw this in the latest MSE Newsletter and thought that I would take advantage of it for the funds I was lining up for my ISA.

The funds were currently earning 0.65% with Skipton (no longer available), but were due to drop to 0.15% in three months time anyway.

We are only talking a few pounds extra for the sum I have to put aside, but hey, it all counts at the moment :man_shrugging:

Minimum deposit is £1,000, to be deposited within 14 days of account opening.

Details here

Was easy to set up.

My account was opened within a few minutes and details given for how to deposit funds.

I had it funded within 30 minutes. Delay was getting the funds from Skipton to my current account.

Even received an email confirming receipt of funds.

Access to online banking will be within the week when Customer ID received in post.

I have used Aldermore Bank before so had no quibble using them again.


If you blinked, you’ve missed it.

The 1 Year Fixed rate Savings Account is now down to 0.75%

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