8Gbps full fibre broadband

My ISP, YouFibre, rebranded as just “You” today. As well as the rebrand, they’ve announced 2Gbps and 8Gbps products, priced £49.99/month and £99.99/month respectively. My 1Gbps service is reduced to £27.99/month.


They are a fairly recent player in the fibre market, and they’re steadily adding new towns to their rollout plans. If anyone gets the chance to sign up, I would wholeheartedly recommend them. I’ve been with them almost 18 months, and I’ve had steady 945Mbps download and upload speeds over the duration of my contract. Extremely reliable, great onboarding experience, and they even threw in 3 x eero 6 Pro mesh points free of charge.


How would a switch from Virgin Media look. Will I need to have new cables and wiring

I would imagine so as they put their own fibre in, although I believe they use existing ducting belonging to other providers. There was no digging up of the street when they arrived.


Good to know. Sadly they are not in my area yet. So it will be sticking with Virgin Media in the meantime but apparently I get 10% off when they do land in my area

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