A survey about neobanks

Dear all,

Given your interest in Starling and generally, in neobanks and the banking sector, I kindly ask for your help.

My name is Aleksandra Amon, Mecon., MBA. I am a Junior researcher at the Institute for Finance and Artificial Intelligence and a TA at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor, Slovenia. I am also a PhD candidate. In my doctoral research, I am examining neobanks and their worldwide usage.

As a part of my research, we are conducting a global survey of banking service users. The survey is completely anonymous and takes less than five minutes to complete. It can be found here: Study of neobanks usage worldwide - 1KA | Spletne ankete

Please complete the survey and share it with your colleagues and students. It would be a tremendous help. I am more than happy to return the favour if there is anything else I can help you with.

Sincerely, thank you for your time!

Kind regards,
Aleksandra Amon

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Hi Aleksandra

You’ve been messaged by the moderator who is asking you to edit the survey navigation buttons and other content which is not in English. That will likely improve the uptake by forum members.

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For everyone struggling, blue button = next or finish survey when it’s over

Doubt there’s any facility to change it, it’s university provided I think and standardised

All of the non-navigation content is fine but it’s probably worth noting to @Aleksandra_Amon that it’s not very common for banks to charge fees for account maintenance here actually


I think the account maintenance fees are included in the survey because it can be done by anyone in the world. Some parts of the world cost a leg and arm to maintain an account.

That is true, I wonder how much it would run me in China actually. Kinda inconvenient without one

first of all, sincere thank you to everyone for helping a student out and taking the time to complete the survey!
Please accept my apology for buttons not being in English. As you correctly assumed, the survey tool is provided by our university and there is no option to change them.
As you also correctly noted, the blue button bottom right is for moving to the next page or finishing the survey.
I am really sorry about this. I hope you still manage to complete it and sincere thank you to anyone that’s helping! :slight_smile:


Good luck with your survey.

I filled it in.

There were some questions which seemed assumptional and therefore hard to answer.

Particularly around the AI and commission as I have no idea If they use AI or not and therefore can’t really comment if it bothers me or not.

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“The fact that most neobanking services are performed by artificial intelligence bothers me.”

I am also confused here. I think it’s an assumptional statement without any evidence to say otherwise.

I’m also thinking by AI they mean chatbot.

AI, especially in academia, is a pretty broad concept by definition. To strip it back, in todays world, when people say AI, what the generally mean is autonomy.

Which yes, can be chat bots, which automate customer support. Or budgeting tools which can automate your financial management, such as trying to predict future outgoings like subscriptions.

Banks do deploy a lot of machine learning too, fintechs especially so, but it’s largely invisible to us.

I’d recommend having a scroll through this AMA with Monzo’s head of machine learning, which offers quite a bit of insight into how Monzo utilises machine learning. There are some examples in there.

The study the student is doing here is quite specific in exploring AIs involvement in the fintech space. It’s a bigger buzzword in EU, and not something we hear too much about here. So unless you’re a nerd for this stuff, you might not be aware of it, how it’s being used, and what it means for the way we bank. It’s a fascinating discussion topic in its own right if you ask me, but I have deep rooted interests here! :grin:

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I love ML (and am a bit of a need for sure) in this space - I just thought the statement was a little presumptive. I mean they must use AI, but so do the bigger fish.

I’d love the data that shows that ML is more prevalent within fintechs - but that’s for a different thread (which I am very much here for)

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I only read your post and was a bit concerned to see that you loved ML, until I scrolled up and noticed the reference to Machine Learning, not Money Laundering :man_facepalming::rofl:

It even fit in with this piece



I know a little Slovene from visiting a few times, so it wasn’t that difficult, but it may be interesting to see the results of this at some point in the future