Algbra Referral

1.5% cashback through mobile wallet payments ! 1% cashback elsewhere. Pretty sure you get £5 when £5 is spent (after depositing £20)

Transfers in/out are near instantaneous.

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Algbra have increased/doubled their referral incentive to £10 when you join, credit your account with £20 and spend £5

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I use them daily for shopping via Google pay

Damn signed up last week for £5

Anyone remember if we had to do a video for sign up? :thinking:

I did, yes.

I think Algbra’s was more akin to the FaceID-esque face skin than the videos Starling and Monzo make you do.

I didn’t touch upon this when giving my thoughts on signing up, but I described it as a good and pleasant onboarding experience, and managed to do it all the same day in one sitting.

None of that would have been possible if it was a video selfie like Monzo and Starling. I absolutely hate those, can’t stand them, and it can take me days to deal with when I upgrade my phone. I dread having to do it.

Thanks both. Was thinking of referring my elderly mother as easy £20 between us, but she’d struggle with that. Easily perturbed. So I’ll pass

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