All in One Credit Score app?

Just wondering if there is a third party that shows all your credit scores in one single app (Experian/TransUnion etc)?

Currently using ClearScore & CreditKarma, but it would be nice to have a single app to view or manage from.


Not that I’m aware of - it would definitely be handy, but I think the credit reference agencies keep their data separate.


This checks the four main Agencies.


It’s worth noting that you don’t have a credit score. You also don’t have 1 per agency.

The score ClearScore show you is a proprietary figure which they concoct based on your Equifax credit record. Equifax don’t see that number, nor do potential lenders.

The scores Experian and TransUnion present are similarly proprietary figures which are not shared with potential lenders.

What potential lenders do see is a redacted version of some of the data in your credit records held by these companies, but it’s down to individual lenders to determine what these figures mean in terms of your credit worthiness at the point of application. Some things are ‘always bad’ - CCJs, bankruptcies - but things like late payments might be a red flag to some lenders (who might consider them an early sign of distress) and others might see it as a good thing because there’s a higher chance the applicant will incur fees (and thus be profitable).

There is no such thing as a universally perfect client when establishing credit worthiness.


I once had an account with CheckMyFile (some time ago), though at the time they just reported data from a single CRA - I can’t remember which one.

Would be good it there was one.


I’m fairly sure it’s CheckMyFile’s USP. But it’s £14.99 pm after the trial.

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That is basically paying for what you can get for free.
You can get all the arbitrary numbers called scores for free even the complete reports for free at no cost to you.


Yeah for sure - they’re just hoping people don’t cancel/check their accounts. In terms of USP I meant having it all through the same login details.

If you needed to check your report (for a specific one off purpose) and used the free trial to do so in a convenient manner I suppose there’s no harm in that.

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