Alternate Current account with links abroad

I was thinking of which account providers were avaliable that aren’t e money style, or part of CASS. Primarily they have links with another country for FX/remittance but they do still have current account services in the UK…

An example might be Bank of China, Al Rayan or ICICI. Fineco you could perhaps consider similar.

Afaik Al Rayan and BOC need human interaction but ICICI seem to allow in app opening - perhaps one for the enthusiasts?

Any others?

HSBC, a big one

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Where’s the fun in that! :wink:

Axis Bank (though they are winding down their UK operations)
Bank of Baroda
Citibank (though you would be better off with HSBC)
Danske Bank
Punjab National Bank
State Bank of India

Forgot this! There is a branch local to me.

I think I’d only really be willing to venture down an online route - ICICI are the only option I’ve seen so far…

Are any that you posted available online to your knowledge?

Can open an account in France, India, Jersey, Greater China (incl. HK), as long as you have a relationship with HSBC UK. There are some others but can’t remember off the top of my head.

Wondering if this is out of interest or whether you have a cunning plan, e.g. card collecting?

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It’s kinda for card collecting - seeing what the process is like. If I could find a practical use (like travelling to one of the associated countries one day) that would be even better!


Danske Bank do - they are actually a big NI bank and even print their own banknotes.

Bank of Baroda states that they will allow online applications soon.

I think you have to apply for the others in person or by post.

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ICICI confirmed I don’t need any links to India to apply - but we’re clueless about a hard search or not…

To get a new debit card or to not…

I had a State Bank of India account - I opened it online but had to pick a home branch.

I think it’s still open (I did ask to close it) as I get service texts occasionally. You get free use of their ATMs in India and a good GBP / Rupee forex rate.

How does that process work?

No clue, but if I find myself going to China a lot within the next year or two I’ll probably find out. Local UnionPay card means I’d be able to add the metro pass to my phone

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@Oberoth looks like it’s a download PDF and complete job rather than an end to end online application

Mine was many moons ago.

Now I’d probably use HSBC Premier as they’ll open local HSBC accounts on request.

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I got all interested until I saw the account opening fee. Eye-watering…. :flushed:

If you’re a U.K resident and don’t already have a Danske Bank current account you have to actually live in Northern Ireland in order to open a current account. They’re clearly not interested in having a large UK customer presence outside of NI which seems a bit odd to me. Maybe it’s an administrative PITA or something, who knows :person_shrugging:

£200 account opening fee

Average daily balance must be at least £50,000

£40 annual fee to keep the account

Oh… and they don’t pay interest


So…it’s seems like Fineco and ICICI are the only online options which are feasible in terms of cost.

I have the former but not the latter.

I wouldn’t do any that require a PDF filling and sending in lol