Amazon One / Pay with Palm

I’ve not come across this before, but interesting nonetheless

Apparently it launched 2 years ago (so I’m clearly a bit behind :sweat_smile:)

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It’s very cool! I tried it in Seattle a few weeks ago, and it felt very futuristic. It can be a bit fiddly with where you have to position your palm, but I’m sure it would become second nature with a bit of practice! Probably also a bit easier with a payment terminal at more stomach/chest height versus trying to get the positioning correct at a gate at waist level when entering an Amazon Go store (but then again, I’m 6’3", so I’m probably an edge case :joy:)

I hope it comes to the UK at some point. Being able to pay/identify yourself in one wave would be pretty fantastic.

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One thing I don’t understand, is once your palm security is hacked/broken, that’s it, you can’t get issued with another palm like you can with a card.

Is it really so inconvenient to use a card or a phone?


This is my thinking too. Seems like cool tech for the sake of cool tech; a solution looking for a problem.