AmEx DDs

Anyone got any ideas on how AmEx Direct Debits work?

Bill due on 13th, direct debit coming out tomorrow. If I cancel the direct debit, it won’t charge me / be considered a bounced payment, right?

I want to pay it next Tuesday, instead

Amex DDs are timed for a week before due date, as long as you meet the minimum payment by the due date your account will be considered to be in good standing. There was a time when returned payment fees were being levied but usually a call gets rid of them, if one is applied.

Hmm, I’ll give AmEx a bell and just ask the question. Will update the thread in a bit.

Edit: yeah I can can the DD and set it up later

What a palaver.
Ask them to change your bill date to one that actually suits or pay them by future dated Faster Payment.

I thought I had an AmEx offer that would have reduced my balance to what I allotted for it. Not a problem with the date etc; just poor reading by me