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Nope, but to be honest, as I was 8000th in the queue, I wasn’t expecting one anytime soon. They’ve emailed me a couple of times asking me to fund the account, so it could be that they won’t send the card unless I do this.

EDIT: I am not going to fund the account unless they send me the card !

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I was thinking just that. The cheek of it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well I got a reply this afternoon within a couple of hours:

Your Amon account will not be closed, it will just affect the card. We are switching the card with a different provider due to the low coverage, therefore, we are closing the current program. We are preparing a video with our CEO to clarify this situation. Stay tuned.

It sounds like they are dumping UnionPay and replacing it with either Mastercard or Visa, but won’t yet reveal the plans in detail because they are waiting for the big announcement.

I think I did fund my account before getting the card, but only put £1 in there. So perhaps do that?

Anyway, if UnionPay are not going to be the card provider that removes a big part of the draw of the account!

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I did put £1 in, though due to the vagaries of their system, it displays as €1. I am not holding my breath in getting a card, and as the app starts charging €1 a month after a year, I think I will be “hodling” [sic] this card for a brief period.

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I think if you click through the GBP transaction list it should show as £1. It’s a bit like Revolut where it tries to show an “overall balance”, with the main currency seemingly set to Euros (instead of Pounds).

I still haven’t heard anything about the “big announcement” yet, but will update you here when I do.

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Revolut shows a fairly accurate summation of the “worth” of my account in sterling, comprising my “hodling” [sic] in Euros, pounds sterling, US dollars, Norwegian krone and Swiss Francs. Amon is just plain wrong.

I think they are trying to make it like Revolut, but I do agree with you that it isn’t working!

My account has a small balance in Pounds and no Euros, but the same thing is happening for me (the Pound balance showing in Euros, at a rate of 1:1 which isn’t correct). You would also expect the “main” currency to be the currency of the account holder’s resident country - so GBP for U.K. residents. Instead, it seems to default to Euros.

They are all things I’m sure they can sort out, but it does add to the general slightly messy first impression that you get from them.

No, it does click through to the “real” balance, eventually. I think with 8,000 people ahead of me for a card, I’m not going to get a card - Union Pay, Visa or MC anytime soon, and I am certainly not paying for an account, so my time with them will be necessarily brief.

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The video update, referred to in my support chat with them, has now been released: