APP fraud performance data

The other topic on APP fraud is closed, and wasn’t sure if this report warranted its own thread or should be lumped in with the fraud scams etc threads, so please do move it mods if you think it would be better there.

This data might play into what @Graham was asking recently, about which banks would you trust to have your bank in cases of fraud. Off the back of that, it’s hard not to say TSB.

But Monzo and Starling? Especially Monzo. This doesn’t do them any favours. Starling particularly given that they were signed up to the code and Monzo were not. The fintechs seem to be popular accounts for committing the fraud too.

There’s so much data to look at and direct here, and I don’t have the time to day to even attempt to assimilate beyond a brief look at a few of the charts.