Apple launches Tap to Pay on iPhone contactless payments in the UK


I guess for you folk who run businesses, this is a potential game-changer?

Looking into this now :eyes:
Looks like fees will be similar to the physical readers.

For me, no difference whatsoever. All our payments are done online or bank transfer anyway.

But I would imagine for those running shops or stalls (markets, fetes, etc.) it could very well be. Suddenly, there’s no cost for a terminal, and actually you now have a terminal that can be used with multiple providers.

Be interesting to see how it develops, and whether Android will follow.


I believe Android has had that functionality for a while

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The phones as acting as terminals? Uh?

Yes, I think Android have had it since version 9, which would be 2018.

For instance: Get Started with Tap to Pay on Android | Square Support Centre - GB


Yes this makes sense because NFC isn’t locked down on android which is why you have Samsung pay and others.

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Interesting! Not seen this before! Thanks for sharing

Stripe also supports it through most of Europe(well, EEA+UK) or if not, is in beta for the majority of the remaining markets

But for small teeny tiny merchants, I imagine there’s a lot of money saved in being able to just use your phone personally instead of another thing to buy to run an app on it


Also worth mentioning I think this is exceedingly useless for SMEs that aren’t single-person businesses. I don’t think that they’re going to log in with their Stripe/Square account on staff devices and there’s probably not money to buy an iPhone vs just renting a terminal for some money

However, if there’s something for the industry like a software as a service provider that can white-label an app with proper staff login w/ correct non-repudiation impl. then actually, yeah that could be super super transformative

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