Apple Pay enhanced fraud prevention

It was also switched off, seemingly, right around the usual 10am Cupertino release time (which was probably when it was accidentally switched on yesterday, too, at the same time as the latest beta releases - it just wouldn’t have appeared until overnight when Wallet updates itself).

So it was most likely only on for 24 hours.

I had it on my LLOYDS mastercard credit card only. The LLOYDS visa, Nationwide Visa, Wise MC, Metro MC, Halifax Visa, FD MC, Chase MC, Curve MC, Tesco Visa, all do not have.


How interesting!

I had it only on my Visa cards, despite having several Mastercards and an Amex in Wallet.

All the reports today that I’ve seen on the feature (except yours) only referenced Visa too. However, Apple Card is Mastercard and it does seem to be a version of the feature mentioned in the 9to5mac article, so it’s not surprising that Mastercard can use it too.

It’s just surprising that yours is the only Mastercard report I’ve seen!

I guess it is to be implemented on card networks.

Yes, Apple Pay features are segregated by payment network to an extent.

Amex show your full account transaction history (not just Apple Pay payments) but no other network does (except Apple Card on Mastercard).

Amex also have an “Automatic Selection” feature which allows Apple Pay to automatically present your Amex card when specifically requested by the merchant.

This is another specific feature.

Express Transit only supports, I think, Mastercard, Visa, Amex and Discover card (not Maestro, for example).

Went to verify this as I was pretty sure Maestro does work on Express Transit, but Revolut has killed my MaestroCard

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