Atom Bank introduces four-day working week without cutting pay


Love to see it. I would do the same thing. I don’t know (well, I do. Screw Henry Ford) who decided a 5 day work week would be a good idea.

As opposed to the six-day week that preceded it?


Yeah that also sucked, screw that guy too

Probably expecting their staff to cram all the work into 4 x 10 hour days…

No, it’s 4 x 8.5hr days.


And I guess they should be glad they’ve got a job at all

Yes they should, people starve on our benefits system and rely on generosity of people who can make a state-free living.

You should be always grateful of what you have unless you intend to do better with your own hands, in which case you should politely keep it to yourself and use it as drive until you do so.

It seems to me a lot less oppressive than that.