Banking on iOS 17

Hey everyone! Filling in for @seb over here this year, but it’s that time again!

The first beta of iOS 17 should be available tonight, after the WWDC keynote.

Historically, finance apps have rarely worked on beta software, but going by recent trends, as long as you don’t bank with any HSBC group brand, you should be good to go. For the more cautious amongst you please wait until your apps are confirmed working.

This post is a wiki so if you’re using the iOS 17 beta and know any apps to be working or not working please update the wiki. Apps are categorised and listed alphabetically. If I’ve missed any, please add them in the appropriate place.

:white_check_mark: Working on iOS 17
:x: Not working on iOS 17
:question: Not yet tested on iOS 17

Banking Apps
:white_check_mark: Algbra
:white_check_mark: Bank of Scotland
:white_check_mark: Barclays
:question: bunq
:question: Cashplus Bank
:white_check_mark: Chase UK
:white_check_mark: Co-operative Bank
:question: Coutts
:question: Danske Bank
:white_check_mark: Fineco
:white_check_mark: First Direct
:question: Frost
:white_check_mark: Halifax
:question: Handelsbanken
:white_check_mark: HSBC
:question: KBC Bank Ireland
:white_check_mark: Kroo
:white_check_mark: Lloyds Bank
:white_check_mark: Metro Bank
:white_check_mark: Monese
:white_check_mark: Monzo
:white_check_mark: M&S Bank
:white_check_mark: Nationwide
:white_check_mark: NatWest
:question: Pockit
:white_check_mark: RBS
:white_check_mark: Revolut
:white_check_mark: Santander
:question: Smile
:white_check_mark: Starling
:question: Tandem
:white_check_mark: Tesco Bank
:question: thinkmoney
:question: Triodos
:white_check_mark: TSB
:white_check_mark: Ulster Bank NI
:white_check_mark: Virgin Money
:question: Zen

Business Banking Apps
:question: HSBC Business Banking
:white_check_mark: HSBC Kinetic
:question: Mettle Business
:question: NatWest Bankline
:question: Revolut Business
:question: Tide

Bank Authenticator Apps
:question: Danske ID
:question: Cynergy Bank Authenticator

Credit Apps
:white_check_mark: American Express
:white_check_mark: Argos Card
:white_check_mark: Aqua Credit Card
:white_check_mark: Barclaycard
:white_check_mark: Bip
:question: Butter
:white_check_mark: Capital One
:question: Creation Credit Card
:white_check_mark: Fluid Card
:question: Jaja
:white_check_mark: Klarna
:white_check_mark: Marbles Card
:white_check_mark: MBNA
:white_check_mark: New Day Credit Cards (eg. Pulse)
:white_check_mark: Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Card
:white_check_mark: Tymit
:white_check_mark: Vanquis
:white_check_mark: Virgin Money Credit Cards
:question: Zable Card (formerly Level Card)
:question: Zilch
:question: 118 118 Money

Savings & Investment Apps
:white_check_mark: Atom Bank
:white_check_mark: Chip
:question: Circa5000 (formerly Tickr)
:question: Ford Money
:white_check_mark: Freetrade
:question: Gatehouse
:white_check_mark: Hargreaves Lansdown
:white_check_mark: Marcus
:question: Moneybox
:white_check_mark: MyAviva
:white_check_mark: Nutmeg
:white_check_mark: NS&I
:question: Oaknorth
:question: Plum
:question: Royal London
:question: Saffron BS
:question: Skipton BS
:white_check_mark: Trading 212
:question: Wealthify
:white_check_mark: Zopa

Payments Apps
:white_check_mark: Cash App
:question: Moneygram
:question: PaySend
:question: Remitly
:white_check_mark: Wise (formerly TransferWise)
:question: WorldRemit
:question: XE Currency & Money Transfers

Money Management Apps

:question: Currensea
:white_check_mark: Curve
:white_check_mark: Emma
:question: Hyperjar
:white_check_mark: Lumio
:question: MoneyDashboard Neon
:question: Moneyhub
:white_check_mark: PayPal
:question: Splitwise
:white_check_mark: Snoop
:question: Updraft
:question: Wagestream
:white_check_mark: Wallet by budget bakers

Credit Report Apps
:white_check_mark: Clearscore
:white_check_mark: Credit Karma
:white_check_mark: Experian

Kids Banking Apps
:question: gohenry
:question: NatWest Rooster
:question: Revolut < 18

Crypto Apps
:question: Binance
:question: Celsius Network
:white_check_mark: Coinbase
:question: Coinbase Pro
:white_check_mark: Coinbase Wallet
:question: Cryptopay
:question: Exodus
:question: Kraken
:question: Luno
:question: Monolith
:white_check_mark: Nexo
:question: Plutus
:question: Wirex
:question: Ziglu

This is a cross-community effort and is by no means exhaustive. I’ll be working to collate reports both from here, the Monzo community, and the 9to5FS discord, as well as the google sheet Macrumors usually create.

PS: If you are interested in downloading the Public Beta, which will be available later, you can register by going to - and don’t forget to back up before installing.


Thanks for handling this @N26throwaway.


I don’t have an iPhone, however, I have added the names of Android banking apps on my phone, just in case:

Ford Money
Saffron BS
Skipton BS

All in Saving section.

And Pulse, which I added in brackets as an example for New Day CC.

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Excellent! Thanks @Breezy! :blush:

I’ve removed Shawbrook since they don’t seem to have an app on iOS.


Will download iOS 17 on public if available later and can advise on starling, Monzo, nationwide, Mbna, rbs and chase if they work on it for you. I also have clears score and credit karma and snoop.


Do apps like WooCommerce and Stripe qualify to be in any of the categories above?

I think those are more business apps than banking and finance, so I’d probably say no.


updated the wiki with a whole bunch of the first initial apps confirmed to be working so far. Surprisingly HSBC being amongst them for once.

Many thanks to the folks over at the 9to5FS discord and the Monzo Community for helping to quickly check and test a lot of these very quickly for us.

They don’t appear to have an Android app, either! At least nothing that is available for my Pixel 6a.

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Just a friendly suggestion not to assume all apps from the same banking group are working just because one of them is and the others are reskins when you make edits to the wiki please.

We’ve had instances in the past where only one or some of the groups apps have worked, and not the others. We can’t know for sure until someone’s actually tested it by logging in and using it, and I think it’s better for everyone and makes it easier if we don’t make assumptions.

Someone could download the beta because of it, only to find their bank doesn’t in fact work.


Good point, thanks @N26throwaway

Just ran a cross reference between the wiki here and on the Monzo community to synchronise new additions.

  • I’ve added Lumio and Coinbase Wallet to the wiki and marked as working. :white_check_mark:
  • Monese and M&S working. :white_check_mark:
  • barclaycard and MBNA are working. :white_check_mark:
  • Chip and MyAviva are working. :white_check_mark:
  • Cash app is working. :white_check_mark:
  • Emma and PayPal are working. :white_check_mark:
  • All 3 credit report apps are working. :white_check_mark:

Edit: Snoop is also working. Thanks @Gallifreyangirl!


Updated Capital One and Vanquis as working. :white_check_mark:

Hi folks!

This is a great resource, especially for a hacker like me. I’ve been running iOS 17 dev beta for a few days on my iPad and have a few updates for you

Money Management Apps

Wallet by budget bakers - :white_check_mark:


Nexo - :white_check_mark:

You don’t have either of these listed, but both are really great apps and well worth adding!

I’m updating my iPhone now and will have a load more tested in a few hours.


Hi & welcome to the community!

That wallet app isn’t one I’ve heard of before but looks very interesting!

I’ll add both to wiki, thank you!

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Thank you! I’m a big fintech and iOS geek, so this topic seems made for me.

So, ‘tested’ a few more apps. My testing involved starting the app, navigating a few screens, etc. but no trading. In every case, the app worked as expected. This seems to be a really stable beta release.

Crypto apps
Celsius,, binance, metamask, uphold, Keplr, Haru, debank all :white_check_mark:

Plutus is also :white_check_mark:, but I’m not sure I’d call it a crypto app!

Bank Authenticator Apps
Google Authenticator (used by, plutus, binance). :white_check_mark:

Banking Apps
Abn Amro :white_check_mark:. It’s a Dutch bank but maybe some expats use it.

I spend a lot of time in Penang, Malaysia and use these apps

HSBC Malaysia
TNG eWallet
Penang Smart Parking (eWallet)

All three are working well. :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:

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I have the Argos card., it was working well with Public Beta 1 but with 2 it is in a loop of logging in, show dashboard shortly then login screen again.


Added :white_check_mark:s to Hargreaves Lansdown and NS&I.

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Update: I had to remove the MyArgos app and installed again, it now works with PB4

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