Banking Webhooks & syncing with spreadsheets?

Not a particularly detailed question but has anyone used the webhooks functionary from startling (what im interested in) with their developer accounts or Monzo to sync data into your own spreadsheets (google sheets for example)

I use the Monzo autosheets export and I love it.

Was there something you had in mind that you’re trying to accomplish?

I was considering how plausible it would be to setup an automated export into a google sheet using Starlings API. their v2 webhooks allow sending things like realtime transaction data, which i think i can setup to send data into a google appscript that i can code to take the post data and add it into a spreadsheet.

I can then feed that data into finance sheets.

I was curious if anyone had any experience trying this already? and what their experience with it is like.

I just setup a starling developer account (super easy) and linked it to my current account (super easy), it looks like they’ve made it really easy for you to use the API against your own personal accounts.

I don’t have any specific experience with Google Sheets linked with the Starling API, but I use their API and webhooks quite extensively to automate invoice payments, and post updates to Slack.

If you haven’t used it before, happy to try and help. It’s worth signing up to their Slack channel too which can be really helpful.

Ah that’s cool. Honestly having a look at their API and the fact that it’s so easily accessible for individual customers and not just dev companies, I think this might be a requirement for me going forward.

Google app scripts is really interesting if you’ve not touched it before. I’m going to start looking at it this weekend but you should be able to essentially capture webhook requests via an app script and push that into any Google application you want. No third party tools needed as far as I can see (unless you wanted to push data out to non Google tools then maybe you’d make use of aws or similar.)

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This is really interesting because I really rely on the sheets export from Monzo, to know it’s available with some effort elsewhere is really good.