Banks doing Good

I couldn’t find a suitable thread for this so starting a new one.

What are the examples of banks doing some actual good for their customers?

Maybe I’m easily impressed or don’t expect much from banks but I felt first direct email below which I got today is something to be appreciated given the current cost of living crisis.


HSBC are doing the same


Which came first though, given one is the parent of the other.

A few others to add here. Monzo have finally released what was a paid for feature (trends) for free.

And Algbra (not a bank, yet) have a really nice focus on actual sustainability both in the bank itself and partners.

Love to see more of this going forward.


Excellent news

Reaching the point surely where this is just what makes sense isn’t it? New oil and gas fields have a long lead time before they become productive. Peak demand for fossil fuels is fast approaching.

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