Barclays Notifications

Does anyone know how Barclays App notifications work compared to Starling Bank, particularly for Joint Account debit card spend? Do both parties see everything spent on debit cards immediately?

Barclays notifications should work similarly to Starling, but in reality they are far more unreliable and you do fairly often get delayed notifications.

You would probably be disappointed if expecting a Starling-like experience.

Only legacy back I’ve seen come close to starlings notifications is HSBC

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I agree with you!

HSBC send notifications for everything and it’s almost always truly instant.

Barclays make a good effort but are not quite as reliable and can be delayed. There are also some types of transactions they don’t notify you about.

Lloyd’s are often very delayed (like telling you about an overnight direct debit in the late afternoon) and sometimes they fail to notify you at all.

First Direct, Co-operative Bank and Smile are the worst though, as they don’t send transaction notifications for anything at all!


Surprising how un-reliable these are. Compared to even Natwest and others.

I get them if I spend on card, they seem to be instant. I sometimes get them transferring money from Saving to spending etc.

But then I also get emails to notify me DD’s have been setup not as a notification, whereas with Natwest and Monzo that’s how they do it.

I really wish they would be at least consistent.

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