Barclays Open Banking

Thought I would test out the “convenience” of the free Open Banking via the Barclays app, as my main bank, Monzo, charge for this feature.

Whilst Halifax transactions appear in a normal readable format, I found that Santander’s data was meaningless as it seemed to import the “description” field of the transaction and not the normal header.

So, instead of seeing “xxx energy company” or “xxx Council”, the visible text is “Direct Debit payment…”.

For my Standing Orders to building society savings accounts, it just reads “Standing Order…”

Only when you click on the transaction do you see the full description field and the name of the payee.

I therefore revoked permission to Santander and removed it from my Open Banking as it was pretty useless.

Has anyone else connected Santander to Barclays Open Banking and got different result to me?

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No! Just go straight to Emma

Been there. Done that.

Doesn’t answer my question.

Thanks anyway.

Generally open banking data I find is useless, would personally recommend just using the native apps for each platform until someone like Apple or Google integrate apps into their respective wallet apps with a proper integration

YNAB with YNAB Sync is probably the best alternative to doing what I mentioned above




I’d love to know if any major bank has a decent implementation. I think I could be waiting a while