Barclays to begin charging to replace debit cards

Copying the fintech apps was expected but maybe not the fees :joy:


Sadly that was exactly what I expected. I do ‘fear’ fintechs will ring in the end of free banking as we know it in the Uk.


Those who need an urgent replacement can pay £12 for a temporary card printed at 150 selected branches. It will be valid for 28 days.

You charge £12 and then it’s only valid for 28 days? Why?!


Metro print one in store and you keep it for good :smile:


I’d say this is to limit abuse more than anything


Danske Bank charge £7 for a first time loss!

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I think allowing 1 free replacement per year for adults is perfectly adequate.


Me too.

I do wonder, though, whether there is anything to prevent someone who is faced with a £12 charge from freezing the lost card and simply applying for a new account.

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If Barclays want to save money they could always stop the development of their alternative to Google pay :person_tipping_hand:


A hard search is probably worth paying £12 to avoid, I would suggest - also I think Barclays don’t allow you to apply for additional accounts online meaning a phone call or branch visit would be necessary.

True for some, I suppose (at least those who are aware of it and it’s potential implications, it certainly wouldn’t cross my mind).

Which might simply encourage people to bank elsewhere, thus achieving a desired effect, I suppose.


You can apply in the Barclays app.

Won’t people just opt to open new accounts and get free cards? Or just move to another provider? I would honestly not pay for a basic card replacement.
LBG do not do hard searches for additional accounts, I don’t know about Barclays

Someone on this board would, sure. Not so sure the average consumer is motivated enough to save a tenner in the instance that they have lost their card repeatedly.

Personally I’d probably just say the card has stopped working and/or leave it frozen in the app.


This makes more sense if you’re providing virtual cards. Not so much if you’re still just physical

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True. Barclays very much seem to be in the mood to make cuts though, for whatever reason.

First axing Blue Rewards, now these changes to debit cards (including making personalised cards chargeable). They have also shut a lot of branches recently.

They now have very little appeal as a bank and don’t seem concerned about holding on to customers.

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Really odd move from Barclays, their app is okay but it’s not the best; surprised they think that they can afford to copy fintech pricing.

I’ve also noticed that their app seems to have become very slow for me on iOS lately. It used to load pages fairly quickly, now I get loading wheels fairly often.

I agree that it’s not great.