Best Current Account Provider (British Bank Awards 2021)

Congratulations to Starling Bank who have won Best Current Account Provider in the British Bank Awards for a fourth consecutive year :clap:t2:

Also to Monzo who received a “Highly Commended” accolade in this category.

Edit: Starling have won Best Business Banking Provider too.
Edit #2: Best Banking App :slight_smile:
Edit #3: Best British Bank (award #4)


Here are the winners from last year:

Surprised to see Monzo win best app last year and now Starling, when I believe both apps are still fundamentally the same, or has Starling’s changed for the better more dramatically than I had thought?

Out of interest, where can I find the list of winners for this year? They’re not on the website as far as i can see. I’m interested to see who won what in all the other categories too!

Edit: Found it!

Ecology Building Society is a new one for me! Will have a google of them shortly, Kroo too!

Surprised to see Triodos voted best savings provider however. Surely that’s Marcus or Atom’s category to lose.

Plum being highly commended for best banking app is a bit weird. I’d never considered them a banking app.

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I’d found it a few minutes ago and just finished updating my post as you replied! :see_no_evil:

I’ve just organised for my salary to be paid into Starling and individually moved over direct debits. Let’s see how I get on. 🤸🏿


Having gone all-in on Starling I’m really pleased to see these results.


I would be very pleased if they raised interest above 0.05%… don’t get why anyone would stay w/ Starling when Barclays will pay you to keep an account open

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The BoE base rate is only 0.1%… I wouldn’t expect much interest with any current account. If I have money to save, it’ll go into a high-interest account, stocks and shares ISA, etc. It certainly won’t be sitting in my current account!


Congrats, however, they pay enough money on advertising for this to get votes so it’s not at all surprising. Around the time voting opens for this it’s just Startling Starling Starling everywhere, sadly I don’t think these awards are that indicative of the majority of peoples actual votes. It’s a bit pay to win and whichever bank pushes it the most.

I have to disagree - it’s not numbers of votes, it’s quality of reviews. Starling don’t incentivise people to leave reviews, so no matter how much of their advertising budget they spend on this - and I suspect it’s not a lot, mainly tweeting about it from what I’ve seen - they still require happy customers to take the time to leave a positive review.


That’s a gross exaggeration. Maybe it’s because I work from home, and a long way from London, but I’ve hardly noticed any advertising for Starling over the last year, except online.


I disagree but that’s fine, and online advertising is what I am talking about, sorry, I should have been clearer on that, I don’t live near nor visit London so that has no relevance to me.

They don’t need to, they push it and advertise it enough so that a large enough amount of their user base are aware of it, twin with that the fact the majority of active customers will be happy enough with their account(you know, because they still use it and haven’t voted with their feet) that if they were the type to feel obliged to review it then it would only be positive.

This alone is the problem with awards like this, they shouldn’t be able to be so easily influenced by the companies within it.

Yes but x amount of those reviews will be “quality” enough, that’s just how it is, the more votes you squeeze out of people will have an effect on the amount that are quality. Some people may take the time to write a quick short review, others will take the time to write a longer and more qualitative account of their experience, either way, both of those numbers go up with amount of votes in general.

Other people may have seen different, like me for example.

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On a general point, I wonder how the awards are publicised and whether that process defines the shortlist. If it’s very much focused on the fintech-keen community, it’s unlikely to result in a plethora of votes for the high-street banks.

Maybe that’s ok, because maybe those banks aren’t likely to be strong candidates, anyway.

Just seems to me to be a poll for those of us who like talking about banking et al. Which isn’t many in the grand scheme of things.

All that being said, I’d expect the likes of Starling and Monzo to fair well because they still agitate and have certainly influenced the landscape.

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Honestly the BBA needs to be scrapped, it’s just such a waste of time and money

No one at a major bank votes for this at all

Because Starling is better than seven quid. Easy.

It’s not really though tbh

Sounds like it is for @pootle. It is for me too. Everyone’s needs are different.