Best Rate on Instant Access? Raisin/UBL

Is this the best instant access savings rate on the market over 25k/not linked to a current account?

Only things confusing me are the graphic says from 2k minimum but below it says 1k & also it seems like you can only withdraw £500 at a time?

Yeah, I saw this one yesterday. Doesn’t appeal to me tbh.

Too many restrictions for my liking.

Sounds a bit like the NS&I Income Bonds account I had, when that was top dog.

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I suppose if you had all your funds available at to withdraw at any sum elsewhere it could be a good option. The £500 withdrawal is the main restriction right? I’ve emailed Raisin asking if it’s 1 or 2k min - it’s not just me seeing the contradiction right?

Any experience of using Raisin? I know you can integrate it with Monese but it looks like it takes you off app to sign up anyway.

Yep . Too much friction, and not enough clear water between it and Chase to interest me.


Hm - as someone who dropped Chase I’ll it some consideration

I don’t really want to have to open another current account to have access to a saver - but perhaps something better will come out soon…


In my experience Raisin customer service can be very slow to respond, so prepare for frustration if something goes wrong. They can also be slow acting on your instructions to withdraw, which would concern me for an instant access account.

That said, I’ve only had the Investec 32-day notice account through them and I got my referral bonus on time.

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Working Day 4 of waiting for my account to be opened!

Hoist Finance now offering 1.5% easy access. Protected by the Swedish government not the UK…

I opened this a few weeks ago - just handed in notice as looks like it will be uncompetitive in a month.

How was the experience with getting the funds back into your Raisin account? Stick to the 3 working day timescales? Funds never disappeared from the UI?

Also - how were any withdrawals back to your current account?


I was quite impressed - the money was back in my Raisin account the day after the 32nd day. I then put in a withdrawal request and it was in my bank account the following day.

Ah interesting - they quote 3 working days max but in fairness I think they did the same when finding a partner bank and it was defo done within a day or so

End date is a weekend - so hopefully I’ll have it on the Monday!

Another quick Q

When it’s between “‘notice day” & returning to your Raisin acct. can you still see it as a balance with the partner bank?

Yes - for around 24 hours my balance showed double on the home page :slightly_smiling_face:

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Certainly better than it showing £0 in the interim!