Best SIPP Provider

Hello all,

I’m looking to move two small work place pensions into a SIPP - mostly as there’s some investments I’d like to make but without eating into my emergency fund - so the pensions look the best route.

I’ve seen votes for AJ Bell for a low platform fee - if this is the case is there much difference using them or Dodl?

For the value I’m moving over I think Freetrade and II would be a bit expensive…

I like the ability to invest in overseas shares as well.

Thanks for any input!!

I use Dodl. I think they’re cheaper than AJ bell. If you are fine with Dodl being app only and the more limited fund choice then they might be a good option.

It’s going to come down quite a bit to personal circumstances.

Previously I’d have suggested Freetrade, especially if you’re a newbie, but at this point in time, I can’t recommend any other than Charles Stanley.

You’ll need to check if the fees and charges are right for what you’re looking for and how they compare to the others you’re looking at.

I think 0.25% on the amount might be better value as long as I’m not trading a lot (it’s only about 3-4k).

I’ve had meh experiences with Freetrade from a GIA POV as well.

I had a look at Dodl and I’m not sure they have enough stocks compared to the native AJ Bell platform?

Happy to be educated!

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I wouldn’t be able to live with Dodl’s limitations. I also really cannot stand the branding.

AJ Bell is probably going to be a decent option for trades of that value. Something else to factor in is how frequently or active you’ll be with with making trades. Typically lower values more frequently is going to cost you more with traditional platforms.

That was always the most exciting promise of Freetrade. It really made it accessible.

AJ Bell is probably the name you’ll see most frequently on the subreddits for this topic though for instance. They’re well regarded.

I’ve not personally looked at them, and it’s never been for pensions specifically, but Hargreaves Lansdown is one that pops up a lot. I think they’re especially popular among Starling’s customers IIRC from an interview Anne did a few years back. Worth having a look at though:

Yeah I’d probably look to buy funds/shares to the value and leave it be for a long time.

Will be leaving Dodl - doesn’t appear to be enough choice.

Does anyone have experience of transferring in? Does the cash rock up and then you pick what to do with it?

Will compare HL thank you!

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It can vary. You’ll need to check with your current provider. Some will transfer the stocks and funds you already own shares in. Others will sell them and transfer the cash. Some will offer you the choice, some won’t.

Have you checked out Vanguard? 0.15% platform fee and also have dedicated retirement funds that gradually alter the ratio of equities and bonds to hopefully reduce risk as retirement approaches.


I’ve reached out to the Peoples Pension/L&G

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Not yet. I think I’d be looking to pick funds/stocks. Assuming you can do that with them in a SIPP?

I wouldn’t bother with People’s Pension. It came out as the worst provider as ranked by FT Adviser.

Yes, but they only deal in their own funds.

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I think that’s their existing provider they’re looking to switch away from.

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They were my previous workplace pension provider

I wonder if this is the case with AJ Bell?

You got it!

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No, they deal in a wide range of funds and equities. A search engine is your friend :slight_smile:

Who needs a search engine when you’ve got this forum :joy:


I trust this site to help me compare pension providers:

Their figures for charges are ver inaccurate. For example, A J Bell charge for pension administration is actually £100, not the £509 they quote.