Bristol man loses £8,000 in banking app scam

What more can you do :person_shrugging::joy:

Stress of the moment will make even high-functioning customers blind to the super-clarity of this:

Why should Starling have refunded the money?


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I agree, scams are not rare, I agree the country, mobile networks should do more to stop scams and scam calling and foreign policy should be stricter on countries running scams, I think it also comes to a level of competence too.

I have a feeling they only did it when the BBC got involved.

They should have told him to kiss their arse and doubled down on it when he went to the BBC

Customers need to know their banks won’t end up insolvent due to paying for people’s stupidity

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I’m assuming a lot of these people who fall victim to scammers are sucked in by an initial phone call?

Personally, my phone is set to silence unknown callers at all times. I’m never going to answer my phone to anyone not in my contacts. I guess not everyone can do that, but one can always just not answer the phone anyway when it rings, just let it go to voicemail. If someone is desperate enough to talk to you, they’ll leave a message. I won’t even answer text messages, basically, I trust literally no one :person_shrugging:

Does your doctors surgery not call you from a withheld or random number? We really need some sort of verification system so we can reliably get calls from people who matter (i.e. businesses we have actual relationships with (gas, electric, banking etc) and governmental services)

Indeed doctors surgeries do often call from blocked numbers as do the police. I am signed up to the NHS app and I do get verified text messages from the NHS, albeit in the recent past to do with COVID or flu vaccinations.

I just don’t have the inclination to answer my phone when it rings from unknown numbers, after all, it could be anyone calling me :laughing: I’ve got a whole list of numbers in my blocked list, mostly London, Manchester, Leicester or Liverpool dial codes and I don’t know anyone from any of those cities. And funny old thing, these random callers never ever leave a message :person_shrugging:

I got a call a couple of days ago that was very convincing claiming unexpected transactions in Curve. The guy on the phone was explaining about how I was being moved to a different security level and needed to set up voice ID. To do this I’d need to read out the numbers in the text that they’d send me.

Of course it was one of these OTP messages and it was all a scam so I hung up, but I could see how easily someone could fall for it.

I am sure some will fall for this. Different angle I have not heard before.

If a bank calls and asks for you to do something material 99% of the time it is fraudulent. The safe option is to say - can I call back on a main customer services number and be put through to you. This what was done within banks faced with needing to ensure identity - we ask whether the can call customers back. So customers should do the same if at all concerned.

Again I say, the simple easiest course of action is not to answer the phone when it rings. I never answer the phone to anyone unless it’s a recognised contact, immediate family or friend. Anyone else can do one as far as I’m concerned, leave a voicemail or bugger off is my attitude :laughing:

I’m surprised you haven’t dropped this policy, my doctors would send me a letter if I didn’t answer. EE wouldn’t call me repeatedly either, they’ll just leave a voicemail and say we’ll call you again tomorrow.

Very few places actually have a facility for you to call them afterwards and speak to someone on the spot. You will have to wait until they get around to the next time and then… by your own system you’d just miss it again.

Let me guess - this is an excerpt from your answerphone message ! :thinking:

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Not sure how often you visit your GP or indeed have any interaction with a GP but I haven’t had any contact with a GP for 3 years now. When I moved into my new home 2 years ago I of course registered with my local practice and they’ve never phoned me as far as I’m aware but I do get text messages from them about flu appointments.

As for banks, not had a single bank call me for years, all contact has been by email.

It’s safe to say I don’t have the kind of relationship with my phone that many people do these days. I managed for the first 27 years of my life without a cellphone because quite simply in the beginning, the poxy things didn’t really exist.

More than I’d like, I’ve been to the GP [and Cheltenham General] at least once per month for the last half year or so for something or other

Does yours not also do telephone appointments?

Same, but I know my mother had to call them and they called her back later about some stuff relating to children’s accounts (my siblings), so I’m guessing that probably is a YMMV thing

I presume you’re also a natural user of shillings, crowns and guineas

The Cooperative Bank called me off “no user ID” 3 times to discuss recent payments - as I didn’t answer they froze my online access - I had to wait on hold via the official line to get it sorted - but was probably the safest option…