Broadband maintenance issue help

I’m moving house soon and recently checked online with Vodafone what service speed I can expect.
I now get an error message which says to call if the problem persists.

So I called and the advisor couldn’t tell me exactly what the issue was, only that there must be some maintenance going on but he can’t say what. Very frustrating.

When I checked the new postcode in June this error wasn’t there and it doesn’t happen should I select a different house number.

This appears to be the same at most providers when I do online checks.

I’ve also checked the Open Reach site and it says broadband is available.

I know this is most probably a long shot but if there is anyone on here in the know … can they please share some thoughts on this?

I am considering mobile broadband as a workaround.

Is it a new build? With any luck, it’s just the databases that haven’t been updated properly. The fact other house numbers nearby don’t show the issue makes it sound like some sort of admin error rather than an actual fault.

I ended up having to buy a 4G router and an unlimited data SIM with 3 when I moved home. Only 4Mbps ADSL available, when most of the development had fibre. Very frustrating! It went on for several years before YouFibre, a small, independent provider turned up and put their own fibre into everyone’s properties. I now have 1Gbps full fibre and it’s amazing :smiley:

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They’re probably already with an Openreach provider. If I look to check speeds on CityFibre now Vodafone won’t show me my house, but will my neighbour’s; but it did before we moved over to CityFibre

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Thank you both @Dan @Recchan for your responses.

I found a provider that is installing in my area called Gigaclear and they are due to complete by September 2024.

It’s not a new build but is rural so high speed connection is only just reaching us. When I check BT is a pitiful 5-11mb - this is 2023 is it not…

I’ve taken a look at Three and their 4G and 5G coverage is good so I will most probably go for them as they offer unlimited at a great price and then wait until September next year for fibre.

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Just have a backup for the 5G-4G connection. Like, coverage checkers are very YMMV. You might have thick walls and no 5G in your home

Also you’ll be probably out of luck on latency vs a wired connection

Like, not that you should prepare one in the sense you need to get both, but find an alternative arrangement

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Hi @Dan what was your Three 4G router - was it their 4G MiFi ? And is the signal good all around the house?

Also, my new address now appears when searching for internet with Vodafone etc and this is the speed? What do you think?

I got a SIM-only deal and bought my own router - a TP-Link TL-MR6400. I used it with Google Wi-Fi points around the house. It was incredible when I first got it - I went from 4Mbps ADSL to between 40 and 60Mbps download. In my case, after a couple of years, everyone in my area realised they could get a better connection via Three and it really affected speeds.

Thank you so much for this info, I may end up doing this.

I had similar experience just with Three 5G in general. It was fantastic when it first arrived in my area but within a few months it had become basically unusable.

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I went for the :
TP-Link AC1200 4G+ Cat6 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router, 4G Network SIM Slot Unlocked, with MU-MIMO technology, No Configuration required, Guest Network & Parental Control, UK Plug (Archer MR500)

Also ordered an unlimited SMARTY data sim … let’s see how it goes next week when I move in. :star_struck:

Just to update - Gigaclear is being installed next month at my address.

My 4G setup has been working fine but we are looking forward to proper broadband… just in time for Christmas

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