Business account Hurdles

I’m interested to hear what problems everyone has found when applying for banking solutions in the past?

Specifically business banking?

Yes sorry i should have specified

You did, @Jackabrown91, just looking to see you get the responses you seek. :blush:

Welcome, by the way. :grin:

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My company really struggled finding a expense solution. I didn’t want my employees waiting 30 days for their expenses to be paid back with their salary. We struggled to get onto pleo until we scaled more.


Thanks Graham really appreciated, I’m new to the forum scene so just trying to get to grips with it all :slight_smile:

Did you try going down the route of e-banking solutions for overall operational use? We use Nucleus365 who provide us banking in EUR/GBP/USD but from the dashboard they provide we have instant transfers in 36 different currencies which our finance team have splits accounts within the one places to manage salaries/ expenses and everything else. before we had all separate for expenses we previously used an app called Odoo but was an additional subscription we really didn’t need each month

No. Our banking is okay and never had an issue. We started with Monzo and moved to Starling. Even at our scale Starling is amazing. We have hundreds of staff using pleo and it works really well.