Business Savings account (Tide ?)

I’ve got a few business accounts for my Ltd (main is Starling), but my head got turned when I looked at opening a savings account, and it seems that Tide are looking a good choice for this, with their Instant Saver Account (4.33%).

Shame Tide don’t offer a euro account (will stick with Wise for that), but as a biz instant saver account, seems a no-brainer to open a tide account.

Not sure i’ll CASS it from Starling just yet though :wink:

It’s awesome you’re checking out different options for your biz accounts. That interest rate on Tide’s Instant Saver Account sounds pretty sweet. Bummer they don’t offer a euro account, but sticking with Wise for that sounds smart. Keep us posted if you go for the Tide account – love hearing real-life experiences with this stuff!

I did go ahead and open the Tide business account. It’s the ‘new’ account operated through Clearbank, so includes FSCS protection.

Easy enough application process through the app, No big delay in getting both the current and savings account up and running.
I did receive an offer of £100 incentive to switch business accounts via CASS, but did not want to close my Starling account yet so have not done the full account switch.

The app itself is fine, although with Chas in a separate savings account, you don’t get an overall balance view (but then neither did Starling if cash was in a Space).

Something that’s missing from Tide is the option to have direct debits taken direct from the Savings account. With Starling I could get DDs taken from a Space.