Cancelling Continuous Payment Authorisations

Hi there, just here for a quick PSA

Don’t believe what you’ve been told by any customer service member without verifying it yourself; yes, they should know. However, they don’t necessarily know. There’s always gaps in training staff

Asked Starling to cancel some Continuous Payment Authorisations and I was told to contact the retailer.

According to both the FCA and Citizens Advice, you have the right to not request your bank, building society, payment institution etc. to do this, but actually instruct them to do so. They do not have the ability under FCA rules, to decline.

Thanks @Recchan, I’ll edit the title if I may to draw out the CPA issue.

No problem, although this was meant to be a more general post I think that’s still reasonable

I just think there should really be a bank based on stellar service and a central point of truth (maybe someone could build this and license it to banks?)

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How does this work when you’re contractually obliged to keep paying?

More than happy to answer questions:

  • I am not, these are old but still active payment authorisations no longer in use
  • Regardless, Starling is not an arbitrator of if I pay my bills. I’m liable to pay them, Starling has no right to stop me from not paying them if I believe I’m not obligated to do so; that’s a matter for civil court
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I heard about this issue years ago where banks refused to do it. No idea if it’s improved since. I’ve never had to ask myself.

I suspect that the company has permission to unleash the dogs of war on you. Or send you a letter, depending on how they’re doing for stamps.


I guess monzo would send dogs - no money left for stamps :joy:


Probably sell some more shares at a reduced valuation to fund the dog food :sneezing_face:

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Regardless of if you’re in contract with whatever company, the bank has to cancel it upon request.

At end of the day that’s for you to sort out separately with the company, it’s not for whatever bank to say no or question.

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