Chase’s Nutmeg offering

Seems they plan to rebrand this and offer it under Chase UK.


And here’s today’s email from Chase…

Does it attract anyone?

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Let me wait for my email (If I am to get one). Does that email mention what the fees will be like after the 0% period?
I have received the email too, no mention of fees after the one year period

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It’s something like 0.45% p.a. for unmanaged funds and 0.75% for managed, which is quite a lot.

I invested £20k with Nutmeg last year after taking advantage of MSE’s 12 months 0% management fee referral. After 2 months they still hadn’t applied the 0% offer and customer service were appalling. I withdrew my money and invested it elsewhere, having made around 6% in those 2 months.