Checking a transaction's MCC

Hi everyone :wave:
Do you happen to know a bank or service I can get to check the MCC of a transaction? I don’t mind doing the transaction again on a new bank or app, but I need to check the MCC code of it for research purposes.


There was a way of getting a human readable description out of the Halifax app last time I tried, but not the code iteself.

Most banks will need you to ask them what the MCC is (it’s not presented as it’s pretty meaningless to most consumers).


thanks for the reply, do you happen to know if i can match the human readable format to the mcc code 1:1 in a way?

I can’t imagine LBG are translating the official list of MCCs in any way (there’s hundreds if not thousands of the things!) so if you can get ahold of the official list you might be able to crossreference them. Not sure if there are duplicates or whatever tho.

I wonder if open banking might give you the details you require, perhaps with Starling or the like?