Chip 10GBP referral

Chip 10 pounds referral.

They do AI learning on what you spend to work out what you can afford to save; you can also setup them to take money on specific days.

To be honest, while I like the concept I’m not sure pairing my personal circumstances to Chip works right now (no income, spending a lot) as I believe it could take me into the red WRT my commitments. As such, I just signed up for the money I got from joining.

Here’s a referral for anyone interested in giving it a shot/interested in taking a tenner from them: CHIP-CQL351

Note: You sign-up first then enter it by going Profile → Promos & Referrals → Enter a code

I believe you might have to deposit a quid and wait some days for it to actually get paid out, but eh, who cares.

Edit: Changed category to Referral Links since I’m stupid and put it General Chat → Banking by accident.

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