Chip: Link bank account

Anyone having issues linking your bank account on the Chip app?

I’ve been get ‘We’re having connection issues’ error message for months now, and it still hasn’t been addressed. Customer support is no existent as well.

No, all good. Linked Starling and then contacted customer services to have that removed so that I could link HSBC. They responded within a couple of hours.


Same as @MikeZ, all good with me, but I’ve also linked Starling.

What bank are you trying to link @coup? Is it the same with different banks?

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I’ve managed to get the issue fixed finally by getting hold of their customer support. Cheers

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I’m having the same problem, just opened and can’t link starling account due to connectivity issues. Wish I hadn’t bothered tbh. How’s your experience with Chip been since?

Absolutely fine - interest gets paid, deposits and withdrawals instant.

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