Claro Money

Anyone have experience with this app?

It seems you can earn 2% interest on savings up to £3k with FSCS protection. They also offer investment options. Unfortunately the app crashes during the flow to set things up for me, which is a bit disappointing.

Never heard of them.

Big claim, when there are so many financial apps in existence :thinking:

Looking at the app store page though, you seem to book a 1:1 appointment with a financial coach, so perhaps a valid claim :man_shrugging:

Who I presume gets a huge whack of commission when he (and it usually is a he) mis-sells you something

I never did send any money in the direction of Claro Money, and maybe not many others did either as they’re changing their direction.

If you did you will need to withdraw your cash in the coming weeks. And they’ve pulled the plug on their app whilst they refocus.

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