Coinbase fees / referral benefits

>10% of value

man for a second i thought they were running some pog promotion but in reality they’re giving you £7 and charging you at least £5 to initially buy and then eventually sell that

Can you please explain your breakdown?

Coinbase for a transaction of >£50 in value charge a £2.99 fee.

To then sell that same chunk eventually, would cost a further £2.99

They also charge fees to transfer out of Coinbase platform

If you incur all these fees, you would make a loss on the £7 they give you, if you only incurred buying/selling, you’d make a £1 profit

This is assuming that the price sold for and price bought at is the same, generally in crypto it has been a downward trend recently so you’d probably make a loss

But this has nothing to do with the usual transaction fees - it is an ‘offer’ which is split between the referer and the referee?

What I’m saying is this is a back door fee waiver being shown as “free money”

That’s an oddly specific amount. :face_with_monocle:

$100 at the exchange rate when they started running the promotion, iirc. It’s been going for ages

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Ah! That makes more sense!

Coinbase Earn is a nice idea though…earn a few quid’s worth of tokens just by watching some videos and answering some questions.

I guess that feeds into the added-value of the platform…


Educational entrapment. But probably the best platform for anyone to start with - how else will your ‘interest’ in crypto be tickled? It’s a great service - and boy, do they make some money from it!

Indeed, I don’t begrudge them that. They’ve made the whole process pretty easy and yes, the transaction fees you pay for BTC and ETH transactions are going to add up over a long period of time. However, I do have some COMP, GRT and MATIC now for doing some learning. :slight_smile:


I think they cycle the ‘learning rewards’ around for users, per account. So far I’ve managed to acquire XLM, CGLD, COMP, MATIC, SKL, NU, FORTH & GRT in addition to the usual ‘big hitters’ that I’ve bought outright.

XLM and COMP are the ones to follow in my opinion - they seem to be strong overall, along with ETH and BTC of course.

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Is this coinbase pro or just the app?

Coinbase (non-pro)

CB Pro has the nice tracking charts, but doesn’t include the extra ‘nice’ features like educational blog posts & configurable dashboard. I’ve tried Pro and like the chart but it isn’t as ‘easy’ to get involved with as non-pro.

Why not use both? The pro has much lower fees, so it’s worth moving back and forth between the app and pro