Collect direct debits via Starling business accounts

I rarely use the Starling business banking website, but having read this thread I thought I should see what (if anything) was new. And it seems they are ramping up to process direct debits - you can register your company’s interests to do just that.

Muscling in on the big boys, me’thinks.


Interesting :thinking:

Imagine if Starling can disrupt GoCardless hold on the market (or even possibly buy it), that would be a little kick for Tom Blom given he founded GoCardless

I have a few friends who’s businesses use GoCardless and Starling, I’m going to see if they are aware of this


Will be interesting to see how it develops. I find it amusing that Starling are going after Tom’s old company though!

We use GoCardless quite a bit for a few businesses. Had an email last week I think it was about instant payments with GC using Open Banking, which could be interesting. Although I know of solutions that don’t charge for this service (Crezco for example), GoCardless probably will.

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