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I am having a look around for house contents insurance. Nothing high value [total replacement costs definitely sub £10k] needing special clauses in the house, but iPhones etc. to be covered when travelling [if ever we do that again]. We are in a remote location and property is rented. Any suggestions would be welcome. R-

Have you looked into Urban Jungle? They’re apparently great for renters and good value too. No idea what the service itself is like, but I’ve heard good things.


I haven’t @N26throwaway but I will. Thanks. R-

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They’ve got a TV ad campaign on at the moment, just seen the ad for the first time this morning.

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Don’t forget to check out all the comparison sites and the couple that don’t advertise on them.

MSE has good guides about insurance


I am using Halifax renters insurance I think it’s £2.50ish a month and you can add extra stuff

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Blimey, thats a good suggestion. The website is great - and fast - and even adding the iPhones out of property its still less than £6 per month. Thank you. R-

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Remember to check that your tenancy agreement doesn’t specify that your contents insurance needs to include cover for tenants liability. The last couple of places I’ve rented have, it wasn’t a thing when I started renting so I guess it’s a more recent phenomenon!

Anyway, having previously been with Co-Op for a few years, my current policy is with Post Office Insurance. They undercut Co-Op a fair bit and provided a higher cover level. Might be worth a look.

I’ve come out of it now - but I think that is included. Post Office are very good, and their Gold cover is amazing value. R-

No problem!

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