Credit Card Alerts

Does anyone know of a credit card where both the main and an additional / supplementary cardholder can BOTH get instant alerts on ALL card expenditure?

Pretty sure no such card exists. Amex is the only provider I know of who allow supplementary cardholders to log in, see their own transactions, add offers etc.

I wonder what happens in the instance where you have a Mastercard or Visa where the number on the card is the same for both cardholders, the issuer shares transaction data with Google/Apple Pay and both cardholders add the card to Apple/Google Pay? Presumably spend on Google/Apple Pay would still only show on the respective cardholder’s devices but physical card spend might end up appearing on both?

Basically it can’t be done tho, and with good some justification.


I don’t think it’s possible because it means the cardholder would need log in details for the app :frowning:

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Amex lets the additional cardholder login. They only let them see a limited amount of things though, and only transaction data related to the card in their name.

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