Credit Card or Debit Card?

Just curious to find out if people use a credit card or debit card for day to day spending? I’ve started to use my Virgin Atlantic credit card for absolutely everything now to rack up my points.
Have a good weekend everyone.

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Debit for day to day, but only really because we don’t have any decent fintech credit offerings to rival the debit experience from the likes of Revolut and Monzo.

There are plenty in the BNPL area, and those can be a great alternative to a traditional credit for when you need section 75, but not so much for the day to day.

When we eventually get Apple Card, or even something else that’s similar, my day to spending will probably go back to credit.

Debit. I think I’m slightly better at budgeting when everything is in and out of one account.

I often wonder whether I just get a grip and hammer the cash back. I’ve done it before but I think i spent slightly more overall safe in the knowledge that I wouldn’t have to pay for stuff until a month or so later.

I think AmEx feels quite good to use tbh and, if Jaja is a thing yet it may be what you’re looking for

Amex is legacy AF, and not the most customer friendly these days, fees on foreign transactions too (a biggie for me). Jaja sucks.

Honestly, the closest half decent thing right now is Monzo Flex following the recent update. There is nothing else unless you live in London.

I’ll probably eventually swap my Barclaycard platinum for the rewards card and settle on that, but don’t see that becoming my daily spending card either.

Use the credit card for practically everything since the EU interchange caps came in - points, interest free buffer, dual S75/chargeback protections and free extended warranty on electrical items.

Debit only used for Cashpoint or money type transactions e.g. lottery tickets.

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What’s available in London that’s not available elsewhere?

Introducing Yonder: a credit card that rewards with experiences (

(It’s gimmicky and vapid AF, IMO.)


Vapid. Great word. R-

Hell, if they extended the partners to places you’d more frequently go in London that card would be pretty dangerous. Especially if the insurance terms are decent

I’d probably sign up if they’d include Selfridges :’)

It shows what sort of rewards are possible if your redemption partners are willing to foot some of the bill. I’d hoped this was the model we’d see on the new Asda rewards card but alas the wait for an >1% catch-free rewards credit card continues.