Credit Card with Instant Notifications for Couples

This is a long shot: My wife and I want a single account from which we can both make card payments and where we both get instant notifications for all spend.

A Starling Joint Account does this, but we would prefer to use a credit card but where we can both have an App and instant notifications for all spend - despite one being the cardholder and the other being an additional cardholder.

Any ideas?

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Amex but you’ll only get notifications on the card you’ve spend from AFAIK

Thanks. Is there any hack to avoid this - adding a Supplementary Card to a Main Cardholder’s online profile? So does the fact the card has a different name prevent this?

I haven’t tried it but HSBC might work as you can install their app on upto 3 different devices at once

So with Amex (when I had one) the main cardholder would get notifications for their card and be able to see all transactions

Supplementary card holder could see their own spends and notifications only

For one credit card I have I don’t think the supplementary card holder can even have the app! (Coop Bank)

You won’t get the same functionality as a joint account as the credit card holder has all the security over the account

Most credit card apps only let the account holder themselves access. Amex are the exception AFAIK (and even then it’s limited to the stuff specific to their use - basically offers and transactions).

Thanks. I sense there is a gap in the market for a credit card that mimics the functionality (although not the legal status) of a joint current account.

Same goes for decent UI etc. Amex are probably the best option here

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