Current Account Providers showing Pending Debits/Credits

Hello everyone,

Having moved most of my banking over to RBS, I’ve noticed one thing I miss - pending Direct Debits & Credits showing in the transactions list! (BACS)

I contacted them to see if there was anyway they can view payments in a pending status - I was surprised to hear it wasn’t possible!

I wonder why some providers show this information & some don’t.

As far as I know these providers do:

Monzo :+1:
Starling :+1:
HSBC/First Direct :+1:


Revolut (Debits only)

Anyone else aware of others who need to be on the list?

First Direct do it, as do Lloyds/Halifax I believe.

I only use my NatWest as a bills account for DD, no idea what they actually do if I use my card.

Apologies I’ve just amended the post. I meant direct debits & credits. BACS related.

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Lloyds and Halifax both have lists of Standing Orders and Direct Debits, including the expected next date of the DD. They also both have an “Upcoming Payments” menu option. However, I don’t think these really show pending (ie in progress) DDs, if that’s technically different. I note the Halifax app (Android) also has a new “Subscriptions” section in the same menu area, which I wonder if it is maybe for card based CPAs. Halifax often gets new features before Lloyds, so I assume this will come to Lloyds soon.

Nationwide doesn’t seem to offer any option for viewing DDs / SOs, let alone pending ones.

I don’t remember either Lloyds Group apps showing a pending BACS payment in or out (like an income bond interest payment or a moneybox dd I used to use an account for)

Sometimes with RBS you can see a forward date in the DD section in app but not always.

As far as I’m aware, HSBC are the only BAM showing ‘greyed’ out BACS payments?

I do think it’s quite good peace of mind, especially if its a larger payment you’re expecting!

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Lloyds will show a pending debit card transaction, but certainly not pending debits / credits on the main account transaction list (in fact, reading their help pages - it says pending transactions are paid-in cheques being processed plus card transactions you’ve authorised that haven’t yet been taken from the account balance).