Current Accounts: Who does and doesn’t show setup direct debits?

One for the fintech crowd.

I have a bit of frustration with one my accounts not showing a direct debit instruction when it’s setup - this provides peace of mind imo.

From experience these show a setup direct debit, some with a push notification some not:

Monzo :heavy_check_mark:
The Cooperative Bank :heavy_check_mark:
Starling Bank :heavy_check_mark:
Monese :heavy_check_mark:
Chase :heavy_check_mark:
Barclays :heavy_check_mark:
Lloyds BG :heavy_check_mark:
HSBC :heavy_check_mark:
Santander :heavy_check_mark:
Wise :heavy_check_mark:
Metro :heavy_check_mark:

& those who don’t:
Revolut :negative_squared_cross_mark:
RBS :negative_squared_cross_mark: (but they can check if you message them)

I assumed this would be due to the existence of back end teams or not - but some fintechs like Monese & Dozens (when going) were able to show the DD instruction once setup.

Would anyone like to add others to either side of the list? I can then update the topic.

Chase sends a Push Notificaiton when a DD is set up

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Added them on :slight_smile:

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Surely when a DD has been set up it will be in your list of DDs? HSBC don’t explicitly tell you when one is set up but, if you check your DDs, it will be there.

Or do you mean explicitly notifying you?

Not with all accounts.

With some it appears in the list with no push, with others you get the push.

I’ve experienced some where you don’t have any record of the DD until the first time it’s called for. RBS is an example - they can check on the back end but it’s not in the UI till payment 1.

HSBC added. Perhaps the high st accounts I had years ago now show them?

Barclays send an email.

Halifax and Lloyd’s, IIRC, were SMS messages for setup. Push notifications for when due to be taken.

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Interesting - so out of app pushes?

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Yeah, they pop down from top of my screen.

Wise sends in-app notifications and emailsfor setting up, and app notifications for up coming DDs.
Metro bank they just show up in the list, no notifications.
Nationwide they just showed up in the app no notification.
Santander, just in the list no notification.

Edit: Wise also email when the DD is taken or fails.

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AFAIK it’s just a peculiarity of the NWG backend that means DDs set up but not yet paid from don’t show up. It also means you can’t stop them without CS if, for example, you sign up for an energy tariff then cancel during the cooling off period.

It’s an annoyance for sure.

Didn’t know Nationwide did :slight_smile:

Yes it’s annoying - Revolut and NWG are all I can think of. But at least NWG CS can access it….

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After significant effort and referring to a supervisor I have got a “setup” direct debit with Revolut to show in my scheduled payments prior to the first payment. The front line deflectors weren’t interested. I wonder why they don’t show these in the scheduled list by default?