Curve Forum closing

It was clear from the lack of effort put in the community that it was on it’s last legs. It’s a shame but I can see why Curve would want it gone, as it was a little toxic as people would just come in to moan about this that or the other. Which would make other people come in to moan.

To be fair the community manager did try to turn things around but it was too far gone unfortunately by then. His absences from the community did not really help things either

So yeah more disappointed then anything else but such is life. It had a great run.

I think the Monzo Community should do the same. Just like Starling did. (let me edit why. Its not well moderated)

Have you visited it recently? Monzo are doing a sterling job with their community, both in terms of moderation and interaction with users. It’s in a pretty great place these days. Better than most others IMO.


I hope not, that forum provides me with much needed amusement on a daily basis :laughing:

Seriously though, how any bank or fintech institution could ever possibly think that having a community forum was a good idea, probably needs to sit in a corner and have a quiet word with themselves. I suspect no one actually really misses the Starling forum and in six months time, I suspect the Curve forum will be nothing more than a distant memory.

So, if there are any staff out there from other banks or fintech organisations who are contemplating doing something particularly stupid like setting up their own community forum, I suggest you look at any existing forums out there and see what they inevitably become. Customers slagging you off, moaning because there’s no dark mode, your methods of handling time clock changes cause utter distress for 24 hour bankers, your lack of CASS or cheque imaging, the totally unfair way you shut down customer accounts for those living 10,000 miles away, the list goes on. Did I miss anything? :joy:


I’ve never had an account I just pop over every now and then and there’s always a thread where it kicks off. Recently I saw someone saying vulnerable people tricked by scams are idiots.

I prefer community ran communities. This has been my favourite place since it took over from FintechTalk


Back in topic I never really visited the curve community but I believe it was really popular and multi lingual

That’s people for you. Not necessarily a fault with their community. It happens here too. They moderate it better than this place does as well. I didn’t see the thing you did though, so no idea what that’s about.

But as I say, they’ve come a long way. The Monzo Community that exists today is not even remotely the same as it was around the time this forum popped up. It’s changed quite a lot, and for the better. Back then it was probably in the state Curve has been in recently, leading to its closure. It’s a pretty diverse community of folks, and always interesting, engaging, and entertaining for some reason or another.


It seems to me they’re saying that this forum doesn’t represent the majority of our customer’s and therefore is pointless.

Which sums up all fintech communities :joy:

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Hear hear. I nip on to Monzo’s board occasionally, and as much as I admire their willingness to host discussion about their competitors it’s always going to be a bit one sided when they’re the only organisation sat at the table. It also has the usual ‘company’s own forum’ problem of just having reems of customers using it to vent.

The pace there is mental too, frankly.

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I’m not sure their decision to stop spending business resources running theirs is intended to mean they believe it is pointless, just not a relative priority. Prioritisation is an important thing - everything a business does carries a cost, both in absolute terms but also in the stuff you miss out on doing because you have prioritised this instead (opportunity cost).

If you did, it really doesn’t matter. As an ex-mod with both Starling and later, Curve, I couldn’t have summarised it better.

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Community closing and the “Founder” is now resorting to this…

Wouldn’t surprise me if he requests to take the subreddit over final decision on admission wise

Then close it :joy:

I have seen some forum mods are now mods over there on Reddit already

A massive mistake, since all of the Curve moderators needed a P45 (or their boss, whoever sanctioned the community policy really)

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Really why’s that then?


He now has administration rights so maybe possibly…